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Track : Problems applying textures

PostPosted: 29 May 2020, 20:45
by Halmin
Hello! I'm creating a custom track for SuperTuxKart, and I've hit a problem when trying to add textures in my map.

The textures do not show up in STK - and I'm not sure I did all the steps for the textures to correctly show up in STK.

Here's the steps I did to apply a texture (Using Blender 2.79b, with the STK add-ons) :
- Select the object
- Press Tab to go in Edit mode
- Select everything (with "A")
- Hit "u", then choose "Smart UV Project"
- Open a new screen and go in "UV/Image editor"
- Select "Open Image", and nevigate to the STK texture (my project is in ./stk_media_repo/tracks/mytrack/mytrack.blend, and I'm using ./stk_media_repo/lib_textures/generic/stk_generic_WoodB.png)

From there, I don't know what to do. The docs at don't specify the steps, it just says "Simply applying a UV map is enough." If I didn't just miss something obvious, it'd be useful to specify what to do :)

Thanks in advance!

Re: Track : Problems applying textures

PostPosted: 30 May 2020, 07:16
by tempAnon093
It looks like your folders are set up fine and I think you have done all the steps.
In Edit Mode, try selecting a face and then in the UV/Image editor you should see the selected face on top of the wood texture. That should mean that the wood texture is applied to that face.

If you can post a screenshot of this in Blender (or even upload the .blend file), that might help us see if something is unexpected.

Re: Track : Problems applying textures

PostPosted: 30 May 2020, 08:46
by Halmin
I followed your steps and when I selected a single face, I indeed see its corresponding shape in the UV editor - however the UV editor does not contain the texture anymore (I had to open a new window to see the UV editor).

I included the .blend and the .blend1 in a ZIP archive; I use Blender 2.79b.

The object I'm trying to texture is the giant trunk in the middle (it's a tree trunk; my map is based around tree houses)

(That's not 100% of the track, it'll involve a bit more gameplay than spinning around a single trunk, I promise)

Re: Track : Problems applying textures

PostPosted: 31 May 2020, 04:05
by tempAnon093
Thanks for the .blend file, that helped me solve it!

The texture you used was in the 'lib_textures' folder and not the 'textures' folder. I don't know why but that is enough to confuse STK. If you replace it with the the equivalent woodB texture in 'textures', that should fix it.

Make sure to open the mesh in Edit mode, select every vertex and while they are all selected orange in the UV editor, choose the texture you want to apply (don't have to Open Image every time, just select it from the menu after the first time you Open it). This should make it appear on the mesh in the 3D view, as long as you have the 'Textures' view mode selected. (If the texture is showing in the UV editor and Texture view is on but that didn't show in 3D view, see the paragraph below)

I'm looking forward to eventually seeing your track in add-ons! :)


PS. I don't know whether it was my settings or yours, it could easily have been mine from another project, but the .blend file opened with Cycles render setting. Cycles is really great for high-quality works, but for game modding it is annoying as it relies on Blender materials instead of textures. If your editor is using Cycles, I would switch to the Blender Internal render when modding. Don't be shocked if textures become white and purple, purple is just a missing texture and white means no applied texture yet.


Re: Track : Problems applying textures

PostPosted: 31 May 2020, 05:46
by Halmin
It works, hurray! Big thanks for the help!

I'll probably post a little something in the forums when I'll have something presentable :)

Thanks again!

EDIT : The Cycles render was from me, I didn't even think about it! Switching back to Blender render helped fix the issue.