very hard Track ( "F-is-for-fail" )

very hard Track ( "F-is-for-fail" )

Postby sommejul » 07 Sep 2019, 19:17

I've created a track in STK which is very hard.
With the following link you can download the track and the Library node you need to run the track:
you must insert the folder '"F-for-fail" in the folder "tracks"
and the folder "stklib_fitchBarrel_a4" in the folder "library".
Please notice the track is only playable in STK 1.0 or later.
For more help watch the video on this link:
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Re: very hard Track ( "F-is-for-fail" )

Postby deve » 07 Sep 2019, 21:41

Not sure if you noticed my email in the mailing list. You can put library object inside your tack folder, so that there is no need to copy it manually. I mean something like this:
{l Code}: {l Select All Code}
deve@deve:/home/Dokumenty/programowanie/supertuxkart/supertuxkart-git/.config/.local/share/supertuxkart/addons/tracks/F-for-fail$ find -type f

Btw. it complains about missing "tmp" library object and there are some errors in the script.

And if you need to modify some library objects, the blend files are in media repo: ... k/library/
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