Ancient Colosseum Maze

Ancient Colosseum Maze

Postby Typhon » 04 Jul 2019, 09:14

Hi there, I'm working on a new battle arena, but I've got two problems:

1) The electrical barrier has a black background In-Game, although the texture has a transparent background

2) The Hammer looks In-Game not like in the .blend file

Any ideas what went wrong?

Can't upload .blend file, it's too large :(
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Re: Ancient Colosseum Maze

Postby QwertyChouskie » 04 Jul 2019, 18:26

As for the black texture, you need to set the texture to "alphatest" in the STK texture properties pane. As for the hammer, I'm not really sure, but could there be something weird going on with armatures? Or if there are any modifiers on it, maybe try applying them then re-exporting?
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