Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Karts for STK

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Karts for STK

Postby Worldblender » 12 Feb 2019, 09:05

I'm finally back after a few years have passed. This time, I have created a collection of over 70 addon karts based on the base roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (for the Nintendo Switch) in a format that STK can read, excluding the Mii Fighters. I went as far as to use models ripped direct from Smash Ultimate for the most accurate appearance, although I know that will prevent them from being uploaded to that addons website. I'm okay with that though, as I never intend for that to happen. Beware that while the karts are functional, they aren't quite as polished as the standard karts shipping with STK. One such problem is that the characters may appear to be slightly smaller than them, but not too small. If you're willing to accept this lack of polish, go ahead and continue reading below.

Project repository (using Git):
Karts-only packages:

Copy or symlink the contents of the 'karts/' directory to your addons directory as usual. Upon starting STK, the loading screen should appear close to like what's below, assuming that no other addon karts are installed:

The characters' licensing is certain to violate the spirit of open-source licensing, so that's why they will appear not on the addons website, but on the said Git repository. The karts are really fan creations made without any intention of monetization. However, there is a reusable resource in my repository, and that is the base kart used for all the characters. Unlike the rest of the karts, its licensing allows commercial use, as that doesn't contain any non-free copyrighted character. I decided to put in a little creativity into the base kart by using the Mandarava Motors flag on the back of it, to imply that that fictional company mass manufactures that kart model. In reality, I selected the kart model at to speed up development of over 70 karts.
There are a few problems with the base kart: it has animations, but they don't play, despite that I created a skeleton for it. The characters however, do play their animations. I'm glad I made something that works, even if my collection is ultimately deemed to be illegal, but there's a few things that aren't quite right. Blender files are provided for all the karts, including the base one, for those who want to look at how I did them, and to report any problems found.

Finally, here are some screenshots to show that my karts really are real (this showcases only three out of over 70 karts I did):
Donkey Kong

This repository will be continuously updated to include DLC characters, maintain compatibility with the latest STK versions, and to improve the karts' presentation (such as texture configuration and more animations). Please leave some feedback/or suggestions about this kart collection if you can, as I may use them in enhancing it.
This collection uses models and icons ripped direct from Smash Ultimate; a thread for the models themselves can be found at I also have vanilla character models at
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Re: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Karts for STK

Postby tempAnon093 » 12 Feb 2019, 11:32

That's pretty neat, good job.

Of course, I won't be surprised if you hear a bit of criticism from some other users due to this game being a Mario Kart alternative.
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Re: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Karts for STK

Postby Mr.XX99 » 14 Feb 2019, 22:01

Good work :)

As you noted some characters are pretty small, but it's a great collection :)

Funny that you're using the same kart I am using for my work in progress kart :D
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