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Re: Cheering Monkey animations

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2019, 06:49
by tempAnon093
Alayan {l Wrote}:I'm all for better animations, but I tested Dashie, and the character's head turning a lot when turning looks plain bad [...]

That's definitely a valid concern. I especially see what you mean with the exaggerated actions on small adjustments.
From a stylistic point of view rather than a practical point of view, I don't mind the head moving, but maybe not as much or not as often. I'm not sure, I'll have to play a bit more to figure out what I think is acceptable.

theTomasPat {l Wrote}:Sorry tempAnon093, I only just noticed your post.

That's fine! I think my post was caught in the moderation filter (new account) so it only appeared very recently.

theTomasPat {l Wrote}:I know the animation certainly isn't great but I did make some deliberate choices to simplify it because honestly, when you're racing around a track, the monkey is usually only visible on screen for a couple of frames anyway. And where it's a background character, it really shouldn't stand out too much. The only places the monkey really gets any screen time is during the GP win cutscene.

Definitely fair (and if I do say myself, it is very nice animation!)

theTomasPat {l Wrote}:The win and lose animations are a fantastic opportunity to show character though! And Dashie's win and lose animations are really fun :D

I think subtle leans are all that's needed. I don't know how many racers do that in their anims but I know Pidgin does. Also, it might be nice to have an animation pose for backing up straight, not just back-left and back-right.

I agree with Alayan's points and with you that subtle leans would be much better. Even though Dashie's animation is exaggerated to the point where it may be a distraction, it shows to me that there is value in having at least some dynamic movement during the game. Subtle leans would not become a focal point to distract the player from the moving track environment, but they would add a lot to the graphical experience. (I cannot play the game to try Pidgin yet, but I will do so when I can!)
I especially agree with the winning and losing animations being fun, I was thinking about those when I made the post. It's a nice bonus reward to compliment a win! (and there's no fear of distracting a serious player with them)

Re: Cheering Monkey animations

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2019, 07:16
by theXman63
thx for improving suzane, one of our racers!