Forest Track

Re: Forest Track

Postby SvenAndreasBelting » 03 Sep 2018, 21:59

The tress are lods so they are linked in STK. But the lod instance objects in blender aren't linked.
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Re: Forest Track

Postby Auria » 03 Sep 2018, 23:53

SvenAndreasBelting {l Wrote}:Thanks to everybody :)

@ Auria The file has a lot of textures and also I duplicated all trees with shift D (not linked) so every single tree has an own mesh.
At the moment I can't check the blend file because I have a login loop problem with linux mint.
When I can check the file again, I will take a look and see what I can do to get the file smaller.

ok thanks. Maybe you can upload the textures and blend file separately, it's possible to have multiple source files
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Re: Forest Track

Postby psypherium » 05 Sep 2018, 14:54

There is a little bit of slowdown at the last corner before the finish line I think, except for that it is perfect. Just too much CPU usage by that beautiful pond and cottage, and also near the dirt and wood steps. The bananas there are just slightly too close too each other, Incredibly punishing especially on supertux speed.

Forwards 20 Laps

Reverse 20 Laps

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Re: Forest Track

Postby samuncle » 09 Sep 2018, 23:36


I just wanted to give a big thumb up and huge congratulation. You nailed it, you took time to read our documentation, reuse what we did.
It looks amazing, it's full of details and packed with some amazing landscape view.

Since we released STK with the new engine not many people took time to do this which saddened me a little bit, since I tried to make track creation as easy as possible.

Highlight (things I really like)
* The castle is very cool, the village too, I like how the river flows in one direction :).
* You created a lovely scenery, it follow what we could except in a real valley. The way things are constructed looks very natural.
* I like the castle and it's glass panel
* I love the fact that you created a HUGE landscape around and the world doesn't just stop abruptly at the track.
* I just releazed there is something inside one of the house O_O I LOVE YOUR WORK
* There is a train, power lines running around, a combine, it's just lovely.
* You took time to create transition between the road and the terrain around. I know this is hard to do and takes so much time (hopefully there will be something helping this in the new stk version).

I have a few suggestion to make it better (of course you are free to take them or not).
* Almost everything fits the black forest theme however there are tiki torches, IMHO you could have stayed with old school lanterns/medieval lighting.
* Use edge split to avoid weird shadowing especially for the lodges and wooden house. This will help to give a crispy look around the edges
* Change the color of the fog to blue. In reality everything is slightly blue, due to the sky. Having a blue fog helps a lot. Try to have the same color for the fog and the skybox it helps blending stuff together.
* Try to change the color of the sun (the one that emit and the one for god rays). The one for god rays can have an almost carton yellow, while the one for emission can be less yellow.
* Avoid big red weird font for the sign. It looks very out of place, same for the green arrow. Try to blend them, like I did in cocoa temple by choosing less obvious colors.
* There is in the middle of the forest in the distance a powerline that no one can see, it could be removed :p (although I'm impressed by the level of details).
* Try to put less grass in the middle of nowhere and more close to the road especially in between the road and the terrain. You can reduce the amount of grass and still give a nice heavy vegetation feeling.

Bugs that aren't your fault and would help to make this track look better
* The lamps, light, windows are turned on even if it's daytime (I know this isn't your fault, and I actually fixed it in the upcoming version of supertuxkart. It detects if it's during day and turn off light emission of certain objects.
* The fog in the valley cross the geometry and it looks weird, but this isn't your fault, it's an issue in rendering and you motivate me to fix it!
* We see tilling patterns, but again it's not your fault and in the upcoming version it's partially fixed!
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Re: Forest Track

Postby SvenAndreasBelting » 13 Sep 2018, 22:02

Thank you very much :)

I'm busy at the moment - I'll give a more specific answer in two weeks.
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