You Can't Catch Me!

You Can't Catch Me!

Postby TheAudioMonkey » 18 Apr 2017, 15:37

My music contribution to STK

Nice and simple, bouncy and I feel would fit well with the theme of the game.

Note the track on Soundcloud has a trail on the end, the one provided below is easily loopable.

I have also included a "Final Lap" version.

I, The Audio Monkey, release the audio artwork I have linked from this forum thread under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Track Download: ... XpaN3laSGc
Source Files: ... FdKaHBQYjQ

All the best

- Lea :cool:
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Re: You Can't Catch Me!

Postby brmbrmcar » 18 Apr 2017, 17:02

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... maybe. Depends on the track.
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Re: You Can't Catch Me!

Postby Auria » 19 Apr 2017, 23:57


it's a nice little tune, though I am unsure it really fits STK, it might be just a little too "bouncy" for STK (we usually try to be lighthearted but nonetheless remind the player of racing).

I'll also let our musicians (OzoneOne, Krobonil) reply - they are already working on many new songs for STK, so new songs should ideally be done in coordination to avoid duplicated or wasted effort
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