Suggestion: Make egg hunt progress more visible

Suggestion: Make egg hunt progress more visible

Postby Wuzzy » 15 Sep 2018, 23:15

I suggest to make the progress you made in Egg Hunt more visible, so you know which tracks you have beaten (and at which difficulty).

This is how it could be done:

- In the track list which you see when you have selected Egg Hunt, display a trophy for each challenge you have completed.
- For each track you can earn up to three trophies, one for each difficulty:
--- Bronze for completing it in Novice
--- Silver for completing it in Intermediate
--- Gold for completing it in Expert or SuperTux
- The 3 trophies are earned independently. Unlike in Story Mode, if you have won gold, it does no imply you have won silver or bronze, since each difficulty is a different challenge, with completely different egg positions

This means, to fully beat a track in Egg Hunt, you have to play it at least 3 times (Novice, Intermediate, Expert/SuperTux).

In terms of trophies, Expert and SuperTux are interchangable and both earn Gold. There is no extra bonus for completing an egg hunt in SuperTux. Reason: The SuperTux egg hunt has the same eggs as in Expert, the only difference is kart speed. So there's no real replay value.

Egg hunt trophies are awarded on a per-profile basis, just like Story Mode trophies.

If implemented like written above, this will show the player how far they have come in Egg Hunt, which tracks they have beaten. This is an improvement as it gives a true sense of progress in the Egg Hunt mode. :)
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