16/9 windowed with black background mode.

16/9 windowed with black background mode.

Postby lamxuyen12345 » 14 Sep 2018, 07:51

On thing not particularly easy to do with PC games, is to play in windowed mode but with black background (black borders).
Of course we need of course black background for windowed mode, no? It's really better.
I've found some people asking for that but never answer. My workaround need dual-screen and a terminal to make the background of the played screen black. (!)

I also want to testify for STK specially, I really prefer "fluid" widowed mode with low rez and high detail (specially lights) than hi-rez full-screen with low detail!
I modify the .conf file to set a 16/9 windowed screen with 640x480 resolution. Yes! And it's the best!

So why don't make this option more easy for users? I'm thinking about a windowed 16/9 mode (because combined with low rez that really improve performance for really low (near "no") disagreement), with black background (on the default screen).
The game is very beautiful in low rez but hi details!
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Re: 16/9 windowed with black background mode.

Postby Auria » 18 Sep 2018, 23:12

Hi, this is not necessarily a bad idea, however we don't have many developers atm and they mostly are busy on other stuff, so I don't think we'll have the time to work on this soon. It may happen at a later point though, who knows
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