Multimonitor problem, kinda

Multimonitor problem, kinda

Postby grelu119 » 30 May 2018, 10:48

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So what exactly are you doing to repair the harm ? If you're feeling genuine guilt, then send a check to The Nature Conservancy or another environmental group that has spent thousands of dollars to fight the damage caused by Drump's policies.

I have a t shirt with the very same wording on it on it but, there is an image of planet Earth behind it.

Public shaming won't help, just makes it worse. Like a missing baby doe, they must be gently brought from the thorny brush the were scared into. They did not know any better.

What is going to stop you but what you say and do is powerful, but the GOP, law enforcement(federal) and haters will keep him in power.
I said hello and the next thing I said was,"I'm sorry about IT but I promise you I didn't vote for this."

Love your shirt! Most Americans feel this way, probably even a few that voted for him! We must keep hoping for a win in 2020! We could not take 4 more years of this!

They the desire a bees, say he Trump is not a politician, he does not qualify to be POTUS and not a day goes by that I have to fully agree... He is the worst pretender,so stupid and sensitive, kid ish... Mexico stated they will be more than happy to take him if he Fleeeeeee'sssss


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Re: Multimonitor problem, kinda

Postby QwertyChouskie » 30 May 2018, 20:01

> Also, with having 2 screens side by side, why is there no option to split the multiplayer screen (2 player) vertically? Horizontally at 3200x1200 does not look good.

That's been fixed in the git version.

> And a bonus question: Is this new Irrlicht/SuperTuxKart-thing alreade in svn? I mean the new engine with the new effects?

You mean the switch to Irrlicht? That happened years ago with version 0.7 (2010): ... eased.html
Or maybe you meant the modern OpenGL3 engine (Antarctica)? That was released in 2015 with 0.9: ... eased.html
Or maybe you meant the switch to PBR ( ... shiny.html)? In that case, yes, it is in the git version (svn has only been for assets for years).

> have a Radeon HD 7870 and I use Catalyst 14.4.
Generally the drivers that come with Mesa are recommended as they are a lot newer/better/faster.
Not an official dev, but a huge fan of STK!
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Re: Multimonitor problem, kinda

Postby deve » 30 May 2018, 20:03

On linux it uses primary monitor by default. If there is no primary monitor, then it uses top left monitor. I suppose that your secondary monitor is used as primary monitor by your window manager. At least this is how it should work. You can change primary monitor before running STK with "xrandr --output HDMI-1 --primary" or something like this.

And atm. it's a "wontfix", because it would need more advanced GUI that would allow to choose monitor, resolution, maybe refresh rate too. And if so, it would need to be supported on windows and mac os too.
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