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STK on Macbook pro

PostPosted: 01 May 2018, 11:27
by hectorgg
Hi, my name is Henry, this is my first post.

I wonder if it is correct, that under multiplayer mode, every track and grand prix is accessible, despite of that one user in the single player mode does have accessed just some tracks yet .

I use STK on Macbook pro, OSX 10.11.4 El Captain.

For my children, I have separate accounts.

So, on my account, i have accessed all tracks (defeated Nook;-).

My children just have 3 or four tracks accessed.
But now, when they play multi on their mac-account, all Grand Prix and Tracks are acessed. Is this a bug?


Re: STK on Macbook pro

PostPosted: 02 May 2018, 00:03
by Auria

this is not a bug, the reasoning is that single player and multi-player are separate. This is because many people want to play with their friends without having to complete the single-player story campaign first