A question about a few old tracks

A question about a few old tracks

Postby clara » 28 Dec 2017, 19:47

A few days ago I stumbled across this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYksMkbG9DU and saw that it had pictures of tracks that weren't used in any versions of STK, not even being available as addons. I wanted to ask if anyone had them saved so fans of the 'classic' versions of STK like me could play them. I've been playing STK for over 9 years now and I would really love to play these tracks.
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Re: A question about a few old tracks

Postby Auria » 30 Dec 2017, 00:16

Hi, without mentionning one specific track, what often happens is that add-ons creators do not share the blender files (source files) necessary to update and re-rexport the track for newer STK versions, in those cases there is little we can about it, the author of the original track would have to do it if they still have the source files
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