Multiple crash reports on Fedora 13

Multiple crash reports on Fedora 13

Postby greenrd » 29 Sep 2010, 09:47

Looks like someone needs to break out valgrind, or at least double-check the code for the resolution-changing screen:
(crash is in thread 1)

I'll have a look with valgrind if no-one else gets to it first.
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Re: Multiple crash reports on Fedora 13

Postby hiker » 29 Sep 2010, 14:02


thanks a lot for the report - but since we are about to release STK 0.7 (well, give or take a few weeks), and the code base has significantly changed (esp. new graphics library), we don't have time to investigate problems with stk 0.6* anymore. A quick look at the stack trace seems to indicate that the problem is related to snprintf (and potentially caused by a translation - so that's why we never saw that problem). In 0.7 we don't use snprintf there anymore, so all should be fine :)

And yes, a valgrind run is still on our todo list (and we actually do have a ticket open re going to fullscreen mode).

Of course I don't want to stop you doing a valgrind run on our current trunk ;) ;) ;)

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