SuperTuxKart for Android?

Re: SuperTuxKart for Android?

Postby Mr.XX99 » 10 Jul 2018, 21:00

Hey Deve,

with the latest beta there is no sound anymore (see:
and on Android TV there is no keyboard popping up when trying to type in username/password, so i have to plug in an hardware keyboard to be able to login.
and with plugged in keyboard the numpad is not working

But I like that it now uses it's app folder :)
And my banner is used :)

I tried networking on the phone with the STK server (ping 55 ms) but I didn't work as smooth as on pc using the HK server with ping over 220 ms.
But I will make some more tests

I've heard that now all tracks would fit inside the app, any plans to include them?
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Re: SuperTuxKart for Android?

Postby deve » 10 Jul 2018, 21:49


The no sound bug has been already fixed and new packages will be uploaded in next few days. Thanks for the report!

Currently it detects if there is a physical keyboard connected to the device. And it shows software keyboard only if there is no physical keyboard connected. At least this is how it should work and it works on my tablet. Do you think that it's a good idea to always display software keyboard? It seems that other applications don't show it if hardware kb is present. And yes, keyboard support is atm. quite limited, so it's possible that numpad keys don't work...

I like your banner too :)

And thanks to some png optimizations we have now >20MB free space in the apk to use. I'm not sure if we should include all tracks (some of them may be slow on some devices) or maybe we can use 512x512 texture size instead?
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Re: SuperTuxKart for Android?

Postby QwertyChouskie » 10 Jul 2018, 22:44

Yes, include all tracks please. :)

More aggressive use of "Geometry Detail" should allow all the tracks to run on most devices. See ... le--light- for a proof-of-concept.
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Re: SuperTuxKart for Android?

Postby deve » 11 Jul 2018, 21:31

Ok, updated.

@Mr.XX99 I added "screen_keyboard_mode" for you, so now you can set screen_keyboard_mode=2 in config.xml and the software keyboard will be displayed even if external keyboard was detected.

Actually there is one more case... Currently screen keyboard is enabled only if touch screen is available. But it may be useful for gamepad too...
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Re: SuperTuxKart for Android?

Postby benau » 12 Jul 2018, 13:22

Did you use cornfield / cocoa (heavy track) on android with network?
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