Track/Game suggestions thread

Track/Game suggestions thread

Postby chaorace » 31 Aug 2010, 13:27

Well I started this thread so the developers have a good place to hear the ideas of the player (we aren't oppressed or anything, but a central place is always great!)

current ideas:
Alternate tracks:
Powerslide (currently being implemented):
chaorace {l Wrote}:it's great to get feedback!

as long as I'm spitballing ideas here I might as well say that the number one feature I would like in STK is the powerslide. It is when you take a really sharp turn and you get a turbo boost. It came from the Mario kart series but I really miss it.
best example I could find:

Flood escape:
KroArtem {l Wrote}:And what about this:
You've got a track which is going up, and the idea is not to be captured by water (for example, if you're rescued when you fall in water, you're disqualified\ have your place). So who will come first and don't fall in the water would be the first, who falls practically at the start, is the last and so on. Oh, and I forgot to say that water should rise up so you need to move fast :)
Speaking about reversed tracks and day\night I can suggest the following:
When you choose a kart, there is a list where are checkboxes like day\night mode, reverse the track etc, where you can choose more that one option. In fact it is practically what Joerg said. :)

Battlemap concept::

Please post any ideas that may be possible!
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