Migration to github

Migration to github

Postby hiker » 17 Jan 2014, 01:10


we have been busy migrating our source code to github. In case that you missed the reasons for that:
  • We had severe problems merging some of the gsoc work back into our trunk. One of the trunks was actually merged using git (thanks to Deve for the help), since it required a lot of manual work. We never worked out the reason for that, the students did proper merging themselves, but merging their branches into our trunk just didn't work (e.g. many conflicts in binary files which the students clearly did not touch etc).
  • We are slowly getting more contributors, many of which are already familiar with git. More contributors also mean more merging, and from our GSoC experience that might just work much better with git.
  • We had many people complaining that the speed of SourceForge is pretty bad, and generally unreliable.

We have therefore decided to migrate our source code to github.

One of the disadvantages of using git is that some of STK's assets (esp.tracks, karts, music) would make a git repository rather large (close to 1 GB if we include the history) - which implies that anyone wanting to work on STK would need to download that amount of data. Additionally, on github the recommended limit for a repository is 1GB, and our artists have told us that (with higher resolutions for textures being used in the future etc) they will exceed that limit.

So we have decided to split STK's assets into two parts: one part called stk-assets still on sourceforge with svn, which contains the large binary directories from the data directory (karts, tracks, music, sfx, textures, library). The rest stays with the code in the git repository stk-code (many of the remaining assets are closely related to code, e.g. xml files for the GUIs are tightly integrated with the code for the various screens). This way we hope that developers and artists can keep on working and commit only in one repo at a time.

At this stage stk-assets is around 350 MB, and the stk-code is around 130 MB (including the full history of STK).

Documentation on how to use and install STK now is on our wiki.

There might be more changes in the near future, e.g. we are evaluating to move our issue tracker from trac to github (besides a tighter integration with git it also better supports tasks lists, i.e. a ticket that contains many smaller issues that all need to be finished before the ticket can be closed), and might even consider moving stk-assets to github (though again the disadvantage of this is that this repo would have around 600MB).

Let us know if you have any problems
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Re: Migration to github

Postby Calinou » 26 Jan 2014, 23:12

Good. I like git for code and small data + SVN for bigger data, it's the best of both worlds.
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Re: Migration to github

Postby divvy81 » 21 Feb 2014, 11:37

I have followed al the instruction given on -> http://supertuxkart.sourceforge.net/Build_STK_on_Linux and make install runs and installs the program properly but how to run the game after this command. I have downloaded the code and tried to fixed a bug but not sure how to run from source code
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