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I am not a programmer designer or anything like that and I don't mean any disrespect to anyone. This is only a suggestion and I don't particularly know if it's possible and it will likely be challenging. Port this over to Wii as a homebrew app.
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Re: Suggestion

Postby Auria » 02 Jun 2010, 01:04


this is likely not easily feasible. The main reason is that Nintendo, to the best of my knowledge, does not allow people to make their games run on Wii. They only sell the Wii dev kit to companies.
There are ways by hacking the Wii, but that's getting harder and not worth the effort; besides, I don't have a Wii, and i think Joerg neither, so would be a bit hard ;)
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Re: Suggestion

Postby Pixel » 02 Jun 2010, 08:08


If all you want is Wii remote functionality in STK, someone here was working on that earlier. I'm not a programmer either, but if
Nintendo's are as serious about "closed" architecture as I think they are, getting the Wii-remote to work in STK should be much

Several years ago, one of Nintendo's main technical men were asked about the possibility of hobby development on the Gamecube. He
basically referred to it as "closed" architecture, and indicated they had no interest in such activity.

Console manufacturers frown upon unauthorized persons tinkering with their software platform. Their position is anyone who wants to
write software for their machine should pay them for the privilege, and they do their level best to enforce it. Right or wrong, that's the
paradigm of closed architecture.

Thank God Microsoft didn't get to do the same thing with the IBM PC.
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