A few minor suggestions

A few minor suggestions

Postby Mapsking » 06 Nov 2021, 09:43

Hello there!

First of all, thanks for a great game, as always, this is amazing. I noticed a few things I wanted to mention in case they were overlooked. I just downloaded 1.3 on Windows 10 x64. First off, I notice if I am using a controller (in my case, a wireless XBOX 360 controller), and I move the mouse, the mouse cursor from Windows shows up. However, it doesn't seem to disappear at all afterwards, so I have to move it off of the screen. Is it possible to make it so it disappears after a few seconds if a different control mechanism is selected?

Secondly, when you are in the options menu, when you back out (with the B button in my case), and you get to the main menu, the selected item is not on options, where you would naturally would expect it to be, so it might be a nice quality of life adjustment to have it return to the same selection that you just exited from. When leaving:

-Options Menu returns to Story Mode
-Help Menu returns to Addons
-Tutorial returns to Splitscreen Multiplayer
-High Scores returns to Splitscreen Multiplayer
-Achievements returns to Online
-Grand Prix Editor returns to Online
-About returns to Online

This may be due to the aforementioned mouse cursor not disappearing or something, and it is highlighting it, IDK. Those above were from Cartoon interface skin, but it seems to do something similar with other skins as well.

Third, on that same note, when in the Options menu, and using a controller, it feels natural to hit the A button to select the menu, to make changes, for example, from main menu, select Options, and then hit A to get to the Options menu. Once in the options menu though, you have to hit right on the highlighted item, not A to bring you to the sub-menu, and then once in the sub-menu, the A button works again. A specific example is the Interface option. Once you have it selected, and you hit A, nothing happens, you have to hit right to get the Interface options. However once in the interface options, I can hit the A button to select Cartoon, Charcoal, Forest, etc., but I can't actually select the skin with the arrow keys, or suddenly I am back on the Interface screen, so standard A for forward/select, and B for back would work better (or whatever control mappings you have set for the menu). This would also be useful in the help menu.

I am using the Cartoon interface skin, and one thing I notice, is that when you choose the help option, (seemingly only with the Cartoon skin), the description text is not fully opaque, meaning you can see the other text underneath the text box, after it is expanded. An example is shown below. For the normal colored skins, it seems to be opaque, but I only tested the charcoal and ruby versions.


It might be nice to have a confirmation when exiting the game from the power button on the bottom, in case it is accidentally pressed. From the Main Menu, if you press B to go back, it give you a confirmation, but if you just select the power button with A, there is no confirmation. On the high scores page, for example, when you hit the dynamite, it gives you a confirmation box asking if you really wanted to do it, and I think something similar would be nice at the game exit as well, or possibly an option that can be toggled?

-Help>any main section>scrolling to the bottom exits the submenu, and goes to the main help menu. Scrolling up from the top moves the selection to the back arrow, just does not feel natural. Like in other places in STK, it should wrap around, and not exit the submenu unless you want it to, seems
-Help>Game Modes>fourth entry talking about battle mode does not start off by saying Battle mode: as the first description like every other entry, it starts out "There are 3 types of battle mode." This is kind of weird in English. The first thing should read "Battle modes:", then the sentence describing the three options. Also, a minor thing, is typically the number three is spelled out, it does not use a numeral 3. Finally, the sentence feels like it should have a plural at the end, i.e., "There three types of battle modes."
-Help>Game Modes has the second word capitalized, but on the same screen, Help>Kart classes has the second word not capitalized, just seems a bit inconsistent.
-Help>Powerups>BubbleGum seems oddly capitalized. Maybe it is intentional, but it feels like it should just be Bubble Gum or Bubble gum. Either way, there is no space in it, and it seems like there should be one.
-Help Game Modes uses a colon after the item for a description, i.e., "Time Trial: ...", but in all other Help menu items, they use a hyphen, such as Help>Powerups, it uses a space, and then a hyphen, i.e., "Zipper - ... ", and it feels inconsistent. On the same note, on all the other Help menu items, everything starts with lowercase after the hyphen, which makes sense if a hyphen is in the middle of a sentence, but here, it feels like it should be the beginning of a new sentence for a description, and should have a capital letter at the beginning of it, rather than continuing after the hyphen, the description should be separate.
-Help>Game Modes (In Cartoon skin only, the size of the text "Game Modes" is noticeable smaller than all other help submenu sections.
-Help>Powerups>Zipper has "...strong speed boost. But beware of...", this should be a comma, not a period, and a new sentence, and possibly be reworded to something like, "be careful not to lose control of your kart!" as the way it is written now is confusing to read.
-Help>Powerups>Swapper, uses "bubblegums", which feels like it should simply be "bubble gum".
-Help>Powerups>Basket Ball really should be "Basketball", as it is only one word, not two.
-Help>Powerups>Swatter has "...slowing them down. Can also be used...", but this makes the second sentence a fragment, it just needs to be, "...them down and can also..."
-Help>Bananas>top, the sentence reads, "Hitting a banana can result in one of the following being attached to the kart:" Is this only a possibility, or does hitting a banana always do one of the options? If always, it should be changed to will, rather than can.
-Help>Multiplayer>top sentence does not need the ellipsis at the end, and "...multiplayer mode online", or remove the colon, as "...:" looks weird.
-Help>Multiplayer>bottom option>third sentence reads weird, like it is missing a word. I recommend changing it to "... when everyone has selected their kart."

One other thing I wanted to mention, is that on screens like the high scores screen, it would be nice to be able to use the left and right bumper to switch between tabs. I know not everyone has a controller, but it would be a lot more convenient to have a button to switch tabs left or right directly as well.

I noticed in the cartoon skin>Addons, when you select a new addon that has a link, clicking on it does open it up in a browser, but there is no way to identify it is a clickable link, it does not highlight, or in any way show it is selected, and something would be nice to visibly see, as well as possibly a confirmation box asking if you want to go there.

Thanks a lot, and have a good day!
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Re: A few minor suggestions

Postby benau » 07 Nov 2021, 18:16


It works for me by the way, which addon you see having this problem
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Re: A few minor suggestions

Postby Mapsking » 10 Nov 2021, 20:20

You are right, it did highlight the link orange, I guess I did not word it well. I meant when hovering over it with the mouse, there is no indication that it is a link, for example, it would be a visible indicator if it were underlined, like standard links, or something similar.
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