Grand Prix Ranking

Grand Prix Ranking

Postby Mactor » 05 Oct 2021, 14:04


On the Grands Prix (offline), is it possible to have a classification in relation to race time than in points?
Is there no solution by changing the data in the game file ?

Thank you for your answers

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Re: Grand Prix Ranking

Postby Alayan » 05 Oct 2021, 23:22

The points system is quite good at showing who's performing better in races. Lower time is more volatile. But if you want to only use time there is a way.

First, open stk_config.xml. See the FAQ on how to locate it

Next, search for <grand-prix>. Look at the comments for instructions.

Then put as many points node to 0 as desired. If there is more 0 nodes than karts in your GP, all karts will have 0 points and will be sorted by time.
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