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Suggestion: More sounds

PostPosted: 11 Sep 2021, 19:25
by Wuzzy
I suggest to add a couple of sound effects to the game to play in certain events:

1. New round in Soccer begins (when the karts respawn) (short whistle sound)
2. Soccer match ends (longer whitle sound)
3. Time runs out in Story Mode challenge (sad sound)
4. Got an extra life in 3SB (powerup sound)
5. Collided with extra life kart in 3SB, but already have max lifes

I suggest to use the following sounds:
1. Use and crop this sound: <>
2. Use and crop this sound: <>
3. Reuse this sound: `sfx/energy_bar_unfull.ogg`
4. Use <>
5. Reuse this sound: `sfx/explosion.ogg`