Old 2008 STK 0.6.2 Addon track

Old 2008 STK 0.6.2 Addon track

Postby clara » 16 Mar 2021, 08:23

STK 0.6.2 is very nostalgic for me, so lately I've been trying to find more addons for it, which is a bit hard since the pre-late-2009 forum crashed. But I did manage to find this hidden gem on a German SuperTuxKart site.

Link of me playing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjybEaAgtHk

Download link: http://www.supertuxkart.de/games4mac.zip
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Re: Old 2008 STK 0.6.2 Addon track

Postby eltomito » 17 Mar 2021, 00:32

Looks great! But as far as I remember, STK 0.6 was really hard to play. The controls were unforgiving and colliding with an AI kart almost always sent you off the track.
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