Two Separate Gameplay Questions - Chatting and Lag

Two Separate Gameplay Questions - Chatting and Lag

Postby kh » 20 Jan 2021, 05:45

How do players chat during an online game? Do they bring up the pause menu and type their comments there or is there some other way to chat? I mostly see it during soccer matches, not so much while racing.

I sometimes I have bad lag during soccer matches. One time I saw the puck go into the goal/gate, but no points were scored, so it must not have really gone in. Other times I see weird things like me driving right through the puck. I've had teammates get upset with me for using a bowling ball to knock away the puck from our opponent so they wouldn't score. This makes me think that they are seeing different things then me when this stuff happens. Is that possible? Is it possible that they're seeing me do something else because of the lag?
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Re: Two Separate Gameplay Questions - Chatting and Lag

Postby FabianF » 20 Jan 2021, 08:00


To chat during an online game, you indeed have to press pause button and type your message there. :-)

Lag, especially in soccer, can be pretty annoying for yourself and others. Mainly if you or another player has high ping, you/others see the karts and the puck teleporting. In soccer lag isn't a big disadvantage, but you have to get used to it. So yes, stuff like you described can happen due to lags of yourself/other players and so you see something else than them.
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