STK appeared in a movie in 2015

STK appeared in a movie in 2015

Postby Wuzzy » 19 Mar 2020, 07:29

Hey! I recently watched a dumb movie called “Robo-Dog” from 2015 and there was a scene in which the protagonists played SuperTuxKart. The scene is ca. 19 seconds long.

They are playing an old version of STK, obviously, it's the Shiny Suburbs track with Elephphant, played on 2-player split screen.

The scene starts at ca. 1:01:34.

But the scene doesn't really make sense, at the end, one player says “I won!” although they weren't even close to the finish line. :D It's not an important scene anyway, it's just a placehoder for videogaming that is unimportant to the plot. Whatever. I told you it was a dumb movie. :D

I wasn't able to find STK in the credits, however. Not that I really care. :P

You can see the movie in German here:
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Re: STK appeared in a movie in 2015

Postby tempAnon093 » 19 Mar 2020, 08:45

Link down for me, other link: watch?v=4lpaU8oA_1w @ 50:55, however this upload is horribly zoomed to avoid automatic copyright detection.

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You can tell they wrote the script before choosing the game. :)
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Re: STK appeared in a movie in 2015

Postby manwhoisonfourms » 19 Mar 2020, 22:06

I don't see it, you sure you got the right timestamp?
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Re: STK appeared in a movie in 2015

Postby eltomito » 20 Mar 2020, 00:29

Yep, it's there, starts @50:55 in that zoomed version.
You can see that one player bowls or cakes the other (not visible in the zoomed video) and the character says "thunder punch! I win!" which pretty much corresponds with the action for someone who's never played STK, i.e. everyone on the planet minus a bunch of freaks :D
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Re: STK appeared in a movie in 2015

Postby QwertyChouskie » 20 Mar 2020, 02:07

This was discussed on IRC a while back (, not sure which log has the discussion). Didn't realize it wasn't public knowledge, otherwise I would have mentioned it :)
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