STK 1.1.0 Not running on Win10 x64

STK 1.1.0 Not running on Win10 x64

Postby Kensing » 07 Feb 2020, 23:15

After configuring the game, as to the Native Res of my Monitor, Controller Config, and choosing all the goodies for a race, when I go to start race, it bounces back to the pages where you choose your driver, number of players, etc. I choose a driver, single player, with a couple competitors (or even none at all), to check my controller config.... and I get the same glitch every time.... Have tried uninstalling, and reinstalling (even re-downloading STK) to no avail... ANY help is appreciated !!! Thanks ahead of time folks !!!
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Re: STK 1.1.0 Not running on Win10 x64

Postby benau » 08 Feb 2020, 03:19

Hi Kensing,

could you post your stdout.log file? It can be found in %appdata%\supertuxkart\config-0.10 (you can enter that in the Explorer and it will take you there)

also can you provide a video recording of your screen to show thats happening (if possible?)
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Re: STK 1.1.0 Not running on Win10 x64

Postby Auria » 08 Feb 2020, 03:24

Perhaps due to some controller keybinding weirdness, the game thinks you're constantly pressing on "back" ? Maybe try unplugging all controllers, and go in the options and disable all input devices except keyboard, then does it work? If so, your controller key mapping would need to be tweaked so that back is not mapped to a key that is constantly pressed
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