Item Placements

Item Placements

Postby manwhoisonfourms » 27 Jan 2020, 21:44

Alright, I was playing super tux kart and realised the items that I got in certain places.
Sometimes I would get a zipper in 1st place (which is so unfair imo) And sometimes I would get a bowling ball, even when there was nobody around. This, made me think. What are some ways that they could change this?
Well here are some ideas I have

1. Items based on the distance of opponents. Say if your opponent was far behind you, you should get a cupcake. But if they were near you, you should get a bowling ball to suprise them.

2. Items based on how much you've been hit. Let's say I've been wrecked by the other racers. I would be far behind. What it should do is give you a basketball to get revenge

3 (this one may be controversial, or idotic, or dumb, so this is why it's last on the list. Items based on previous uses of other items. Say I've been using the bowling ball really good, but have been horrible with the cupcake. It would be more likely to give me a bowling ball instead of a cupcake, but it would give me other items to mix things up and not be boring

So that's my list! Feel free to comment your opinion (or absolutely slander me if you like and if that's your style like I HATE EVERYTHING the YouTuber)
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Re: Item Placements

Postby KiyanTheBluePenguin » 13 Feb 2020, 14:21

Yep, You See.
Certain Items Are Better To Use In Certain Situations (Sorry I Think I Spelled It Wrong Whoops).
But I Hate It When You Get A TRASH ITEM In A Situation THAT IS BAD.
JUST BOOM, AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH IT? Nothing. Because Its Useless.
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