history mode - rewards

history mode - rewards

Postby bat » 27 Jan 2020, 19:32

I have not found information/plans about stk "gaming experience Future developments" so i try to post here an idea :

Actually rewards in history mode seems (to me) not completly finished, or at least unbalanced:
Each run won adds some points on the main counter,
the goals indicated by the counter unlock new tracks (or karts). That's fine but is only for lower levels.

Example: a new player probabily try to win all the bronze cups in the easy mode to unlock the tracks,
..and after that he will try the silver level to unlock all the karts (i dont remember wich, maybe saramage)
..and after that he will try the gold/expert mode,
..at this point the reward is to unlock supertux mode.

.. and when the player finally win all the supertuxkart cups ... nothing!

i remember my slight disappointment when i finally completed the last track in supertux: no video no message no congrats :(
(GRRRR Wreck-it Ralph WANTS a medal!)

the idea/draft to work on is:

1 - Modify the intro cutscene
After the evil Nolok kidnaps Gnu, during the returning fly to the castle the ship shots/bombs (or whatever) the village and damages some builds on the main map. (adding some frames/scenes in the video will do the trick)

2 - Main map
Instead the actual 20 entry point the main map must have (for example) 24 entry, but the 4 new added are collapsed/inaccessible due the Nolok damage.
(mushroom, mine entrance or something else, in the actually main map there are some unused areas)

3- Rewards
Every time Gnu is released from prison (one for each level easy/medium/expert/super) he could restore one entrance unlocking an additional track

In this way each Level-Boss rewards the player.
In my opinion something like this would be more satisfying, furthermore looking in the addons list i see there's several high level tracks actually non included and usable for this purpose

these changes are not easy so:

plan B
..if this was too complicated at least one new track/reward for who completed the supertux level?

plan C
..or at least just a small window that says "congrats you have finished, now join the online community" would be better than nothing.

any opinion?
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