New unbelievable ideas (Tracks and Karts)

New unbelievable ideas (Tracks and Karts)

Postby AgentCrypto » 07 Nov 2019, 20:39

I am not a coder but i have some ideas like:-
1. An underwater track with submarines as karts or aquatic animals.
2. Shortcuts in tracks.
3. A track with various tunnels some of them have mines or stuff like that.
4. (Duel Mode)A mode where karts can fight each other with hammer, chainsaw etc. and where karts have health bars.
5. An online gaming tournament with weekly, monthly and all time hall of fame.(use kickstarter campaign to acheive this)
6.Increase graphics quality.
7. A Daredevil race nearly impossible to complete with flying knives, swinging axes, lava , shooting fireballs, snow balls ,a place where cars could swing using ropes to another side.
8. An in game currency which can be used to upgrade karts. You only earn the in game currency by playing multiplayer. And you earn more by winning.
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Re: New unbelievable ideas (Tracks and Karts)

Postby Alayan » 07 Nov 2019, 22:55

1. This is not SuperTuxSubmarine (or SuperTuxAircraft for that matter), movement in 3D water (or air) is fundamentally different and does not suit the game.
2.. There are some... But balance is always key.
3. and 7. If someone likes your idea, they could do addons with those themes.
4. This sort of change to the battle mode doesn't fit STK.
5. A kickstarter campaign, why ? Having any kind of prize money is a dangerous idea.
6. Really, we could never have thought of that one. :think:
8. No. Just no.
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Re: New unbelievable ideas (Tracks and Karts)

Postby tempAnon093 » 07 Nov 2019, 23:45

Yeah, agreeing with Alayan.
2. Many tracks with shortcuts already exist, even in the main track list.
3. Like the Old Mine track? Or Nolok's Factory in add-ons?
5. A weekly/monthly online tournament could actually be nice to organise to encourage regular races, but like Alayan said I would definitely avoid a Kickstarter. Plus, why would anyone want to contribute to the Kickstarter? Would you, OP? I would rather donate to the devs.
6. This is vague and does not really help.
4 & 7. SuperTuxKart tends to avoid weapons such as knives, axes and chainsaws. Rope swinging on karts seems unlikely.
8. We have online ranking for those who care about score. In-game currency seems more of an annoyance to me than a benefit, plus any non-cosmetic upgrades to karts makes the game unfair to those who have not yet upgraded.

Most of the suggestions you have given are not easy to implement! It would take months of effort for many of them. However, if you look at the GitHub page for STK, there are already a lot of priorities to work on before adding wild new features like these.
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Re: New unbelievable ideas (Tracks and Karts)

Postby AgentCrypto » 08 Nov 2019, 09:21

I said kickstarter because i thought that multiplayer in Stk take place on servers which you guys buy with your own money. But obviously you guys need money for it's development. You can hire someone to make good graphics for you or buy assets pack. And most people don't know about this project, maybe the hype from kickstarter could help you guys get more developers to work on this project. These were my reasons.
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Re: New unbelievable ideas (Tracks and Karts)

Postby benau » 08 Nov 2019, 10:41

Not really, we have more than enough money, I would rather you #StandWithHK !
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Re: New unbelievable ideas (Tracks and Karts)

Postby dumaosen » 08 Nov 2019, 13:24

8. Ingame currency is annoying as Anon said, but i actually prefer to make kart speed upgrades after you complete all track in a difficulty. It's actually better than locking tracks and karts to encourage people to play.
7. There are daredevil tracks like animtrack in addons now. I think we should add a label system to addons so that tracks can be better categorized. Also merge arena and tracks after that because we can label them.
6. We always want to increase the game graphics quality... It's a slow process, just like economy growth.
5. I actually really agree with the tournament. See this: ... 17&t=11757. Actually kickstarter is okay. It can be optional to tournament holder. (If i hold one i maybe consider to have $10 prize)
4. Isn't fit to STK. Bad idea.
3. Do it yourself Agent ill support you.
2. Yes shortcuts already exist, but I think Agent would like to add more.
1. Isn't fit to STK. Bad idea.
PS: Chinese stand opposite HK (for "holy" political correctness and the safety of freegamedev forum) lol!
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Re: New unbelievable ideas (Tracks and Karts)

Postby dumaosen » 08 Nov 2019, 13:29

How STK develops:
A lot of people: Making ideas
Alayan: Ignoring ideas
Benau: Realising ideas
With soooooooooooo many good ideas abandoned for a long time and no one realise it the game will have no future.
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Re: New unbelievable ideas (Tracks and Karts)

Postby QwertyChouskie » 09 Nov 2019, 05:57

How STK is developed:
A lot of people: IDEASSSSSSS
Devs: Work hard to implement features that actually fit with the game, along with many, many, non-exciting, but important bug fixes
Ideas are fine, but they should fit the game, and those with the ideas should be willing to put work into implementing them, like the new GUI theme and advanced skinning capabilities in the engine.

(BTW dumaosen, never really explicitly mentioned this, so: Thanks for all your hard work doing bug fixes in the GUI/GUIEngine, as someone who notices little bugs a lot, your work has helped the game feel much more polished!)

On that note, thanks to all the devs, past and present, for your hard work! Know that your work doesn't go unappreciated.
Not an official dev, but a huge fan of STK!
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