Multiplayer LAN question

Multiplayer LAN question

Postby Mrnick » 28 Sep 2019, 21:36

New to the game, trying to set up multiplayer LAN at work for a bit of fun. Server and all clients are running Centos 7.

I have the server running and if I launch a game on a client with the --Connect-now ip:port switch it connects straight away to the lobby. But that doesn't give users a chance to set their graphics and controller prefs. If I try and exit the lobby in an attempt to access the main menu to get to these options the game just quits.

How do I launch the game so users get the main screen, can setup their prefs, and then can enter the lobby?

I thought it might be 'local multiplayer ' - but now I'm thinking that is for 2 players on the same machine?

I've said no to Internet as our machines can't reach it. Ie the globe icon is disabled. Should I say yes to that, despite having no 'real' Internet access?
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Re: Multiplayer LAN question

Postby benau » 29 Sep 2019, 02:36

yes you need to enable internet for lan games, also it's in online -> local networking for lan game
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