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PostPosted: 21 Sep 2019, 01:21
by deve
I was experimenting with angelscript in STK (show/hide object, teleport kart, detect collision etc...). Maybe someone will find it useful, so I upload it here.

Note that you need current git STK to make it working.

And maybe one day I will make adventure STK track :P

Re: Scripting

PostPosted: 21 Sep 2019, 01:35
by tempAnon093
I will try this out soon! I'm really glad to see some more interest in scripting :D Examples of teleporting, showing and hiding, etc. would be very useful because the only examples I found were the tutorial track and ravenbridge mansion (has a good demonstration of Angelscript arrays). I hope this will help out some of the track creators who are less familiar with programming.

My Frozen Drive track has a lot of scripting as well (including some places it shouldn't be such as manually playing and stopping music) so it could also be a useful resource. One nice feature is the scripting on the alternate route, where completing it within certain time limits will show or hide rewards (that is, completing within 18 seconds shows one prize, 30 seconds shows a different prize).

Re: Scripting

PostPosted: 06 Dec 2019, 09:40
by tempAnon093
I tried out the new exactTeleport() function, far better than the old one! Thanks :)

I did find an issue, if I try to teleport a small distance above the ground (less than 4-5 units), the kart will snap to the ground level. I have done this with Beasty, where the cutoff was at 4.575, however it seems like a different height when I switch karts.