Please help with Intel HD3000

Please help with Intel HD3000

Postby puzlanchik » 12 Jul 2019, 00:46

Hello. Recently i had to switch to old laptop
{l Code}: {l Select All Code}
CPU~Dual core Intel Core i5-2410M (-MT-MCP-) speed/max~808/2900 MHz Kernel~4.18.0-25-generic x86_64 Up~26 min Mem~1360.0/3846.7MB
with Intel HD3000 and i can't now normally play both on Windows 8.1 and Linux. No, it is not a complaint like "please support old hardware!". I read that somehow you can manage to play with it both on Windows and Linux. But i don't know how to fix it for me.

On Windows.

Default driver don't support OpenGL 3.3. But they say that technically GPU itself can make it (on Mac for example). 1) I downloaded experimental drivers from here ( - did not help. 2) I tried to use open MESA drivers as described here (with changes of course) - - did not help 3) I tried to make fixes with Windows ADK as described here - did not help.

Probably i made something wrong, because i am no tech specialist and don't actually understand what i am doing, jusct copy&paste with a little bit common sense. Is there any way to allow OPenGl>3.3 at least for SupertuxKart alone?

On Linux

At first i installed MX Linux (Debian9 based). Games (Supertuxkart, Thimbleweed park) runs, but i experience freezes every 3 minutes on 5 seconds :oops: . Screen image just stops, freeze. I changed kernel - no effect. I changed modesetting to intel drivers in MX Linux settings - no effect. I downgraded MESA from 18.2.6 to 13.0.6 and it allowed to make this freezes much-much more rare, but still they exist.

I installed Ubuntu 18.04 in hope that it will change something, but unfortunately - no. More of it apllication even stops. I am rather newbie in Linux, just trying to do what i have read with google research. On Ubuntu i understood that i should look in Terminal. Sometimes terminal don't give any errors while freeze, but sometimes it gives this

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     i965: Failed to submit batchbuffer: Input/output error

or in context
{l Code}: {l Select All Code}
   [verbose  ] RaceManager: Nb of karts=8, ghost karts:0 ai:7 players:1
    [info   ] Track: Overall scene complexity estimated at 755
    [info   ] ShaderFilesManager: Compiling shader: /home/cat/games/supertuxkart-1.0-linux/data/shaders/sky.vert
    [info   ] ShaderFilesManager: Compiling shader: /home/cat/games/supertuxkart-1.0-linux/data/shaders/sky.frag
    [warn   ] SFXManager: Throttling sfx - queue size 181
    [warn   ] SFXManager: Throttling sfx - queue size 181
    [warn   ] SFXManager: Throttling sfx - queue size 181
    [warn   ] SFXManager: Throttling sfx - queue size 181
    [warn   ] SFXManager: Throttling sfx - queue size 181
    [warn   ] TrackObjectManager: Object not found : stklib_fitchBarrel_a_main_proxy.001::stklib_fitchBarrel_a_sandExplosion
    [warn   ] MusicOgg: Music not playing when it should be. Source state: 4116
    i965: Failed to submit batchbuffer: Input/output error
    Scripting engine was not cleared properly.
    AL lib: (EE) alc_cleanup: 1 device not closed

Also i noticed that sometimes while freeze CPU level in system monitor drops to zero.

More detailed Graphics:

{l Code}: {l Select All Code}
Graphics:  Card: Intel 2nd Generation Core Integrated Graphics Controller
               Display Server: x11 (X.Org 1.20.4 ) driver: i915
               Resolution: 1366x768@60.00hz
               OpenGL: renderer: Mesa DRI Intel Sandybridge Mobile
               version: 3.3 Mesa 19.0.2

... On Windows now it is hard to play because of low FPS on many maps. And on Linux, while FPS is much higher freezes are very annoying. Easiest way to reproduce freeze is to start playing football on Los-DUnas map. With fresh MESA it will freeze every 20 seconds, with Mesa 13 game take 20-40 minutrs to expirience freeze, but while playing online it still annoys very much :cry: .

I will be glad to receive any advice. Sorry if this post is offtopic for this forum.
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Re: Please help with Intel HD3000

Postby benau » 12 Jul 2019, 02:35

You can edit config.xml to try using force_legacy_device="true" and see if it's help
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Re: Please help with Intel HD3000

Postby deve » 12 Jul 2019, 12:10

On windows the driver has only opengl 3.1 support and it's very old. But STK should start using legacy device (opengl 2.1). If it doesn't start, then it may be a bug.

On linux there is gl 3.3 support and STK should work with advanced pipeline. And if it hangs for you, then it's a bit more complicated, because graphics drivers depend on several components like mesa, xorg driver, xserver, kernel deiver etc. Older mesa may work better for you, because it was tested with your graphics card. But it may need eg. older kernel to work stable. One thing that can help is that you can try to use SNA acceleration rather than glamor for xorg driver. I didn't use it for a very long time and I don't know how it works with current xserver, but it may still work better.
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