strange behavior online

strange behavior online

Postby Coeur Noir » 07 Jul 2019, 21:06


online players are sometimes strange animals. Some use rude words, insult, drive backward. Some are really mean, racist, homophobic, explicit. It's life, anybody seems to have the right to mistake freedom of speech for hate speech, unfortunately.

But then it might be wise to tell parents their children should not play STK online ?

Or maybe a way to turn off the « chat box » or to « mute » some people ? Not a ban, just an option somewhere to not show this or that people's comment…
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Re: strange behavior online

Postby eltomito » 07 Jul 2019, 22:34

I was there on Strasbourg Ranked too :D

I didn't really mind them being offensive and all but I hated the fact that they never pushed ready, so everybody had to wait 1 minute to go to track selection and then I hated them commenting during the race all the time which was disturbing.

So, as you say, being able to mute some people would fix at least some of these problems :D

I was also thinking that if more than half of the players decided to kick somebody out from the server, the player could be banned from returning there for, let's say, an hour.
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Re: strange behavior online

Postby tempAnon093 » 08 Jul 2019, 01:00

I've only seen one annoying player in person, obviously someone who dedicated a lot of time to gaming. I would give them the benefit of the doubt and say they were just trying to have a bit of fun banter (a couple of minor but unnecessary insults over ~10 games isn't so bad).
However I have seen screenshots of some nasty players in chatrooms, such as one posted to the github tracker a while ago. I assumed it was the popular games and FPSs which had that kind of crowd.
Do you think it's more of a ranked lobby issue, or players in general?? That could explain why I haven't seen much serious or hostile chat...
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Re: strange behavior online

Postby benau » 08 Jul 2019, 11:21

In next version there is a report player button when u click his name in lobby, so server owner will know and can take action
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Re: strange behavior online

Postby Coeur Noir » 08 Jul 2019, 19:30

eltomito : for me there is a difference between waiting one minute and reading insults and rude words during a race. Patience is a virtue. Explicit language may not be expected by all players - mostly younger ones - and besides, those rude words are ad hominem most of the times, sounding like a first step for harassment.

A report button sounds enough.
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