Emscripten/Browser Port (stk-code#3943)

Emscripten/Browser Port (stk-code#3943)

Postby mstrodl » 28 May 2019, 19:04

I was told to move here, so here I am!
Emscripten is a tool used to target the browser on LLVM projects. A demo is available at: http://stk.schodackfs.com/master
Performance isn't terrific due to synchronous FS operations and we're sadly using oGLES2 (although emscripten should support oGLES3 I wasn't able to get it working)
Networking-related features are sadly unsupported because STK's networking code is all synchronous
Any input would be appreciated. The idea was given that we could have a demo running on supertuxkart.net which could be neat.
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Re: Emscripten/Browser Port (stk-code#3943)

Postby cddepppp256 » 11 Jul 2019, 01:19

Are you still working on this?
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