Beta spectator mode

Beta spectator mode

Postby Mapsking » 30 Mar 2019, 20:25

I saw in the beta release blog post it says,

"And new in this beta compared with our alpha (besides bug fixes and GUI improvements) is the possibility to now join a server while a race is in progress: you will become a spectator and can follow the race-in-progress. You will be joining the actual racing fun when the next race starts."

Maybe I am missing something, but we play over our LAN (awesome update, BTW, thanks DEVS), and it seems we can not join a game until the current one is over, and also, there seems to be no spectator mode. Would someone please let me know how to do this, am I doing it wrong, or was it not implemented? Also, it would be nice if a race is in progress, to be able to cycle through other racers, in spectator mode, and watch them on your computer like many other LAN/internet multiplayer games allow. It would also be useful in the even that you have a slower or less experienced player playing, after you have completed the race, that you can watch them in spectator mode, rather than simply watching your own kart driving around the track for several minutes waiting for them to finish.

Is this possible, am I doing something wrong? If so, how do I go about doing it?

Thanks, Mapsking
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Re: Beta spectator mode

Postby Andet » 30 Mar 2019, 20:41


Maybe you can't spectate because you're playing locally? You should be able to spectate (and even cycle through different racers) at least globally, not sure about LAN though.

Also, when it says "join a server" it means join the actual lobby, just to be clear, not join the race. Does it let you enter the lobby?

In the final release you will be able to scroll through different players after finishing the race. :)

(I'm not a developer btw.)
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Re: Beta spectator mode

Postby eltomito » 30 Mar 2019, 22:23


Spectate works on many of the global servers (and its great! You can switch between players using left and right arrows) but not all. Some have it disabled, I guess? That said, my stk recently crashed twice while trying to spectate but it worked at many other times. So maybe this feature is still just a tiny little bit fuzzy.
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Re: Beta spectator mode

Postby benau » 30 Mar 2019, 23:57

by default the spectate mode is not on for the server you created in gui due to addons issue, you can edit the server_config.xml live-players="true" in your 0.10-beta config folder

and the release candidate will have the spectate mode crashes fixed
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Re: Beta spectator mode

Postby Mapsking » 01 Apr 2019, 09:04

@Andet: Yes, it does let us enter the lobby, and not the race, so I guess that was misunderstanding on my part.

@eltomito: Thanks for the tip. Not sure who to tell, but it would be a helpful tip to tell the player somewhere.

@benau: Thanks for the tip, I will try that!
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