STK Editor does not start.

STK Editor does not start.

Postby dotkickpra1 » 22 Mar 2019, 05:00

I launch.
I opt for a data folder.
I look forward to the launch.
and crash
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Re: STK Editor does not start.

Postby Diogenes v. S. » 26 Mar 2019, 09:50

Hello dotkickpra1, :-)

This tool is no longer developed, which I personally very much regret, because the idea itself is awesome.
I myself managed to build 4 tracks with this editor, but also with many and big difficulties.
For example, textures and objects are listed for selection, but few of them can be used because they can not be included in a landscape.
This tool only worked with the assets for STK version 0.9.x.
The biggest problem, however, is the used splatt / splatting concept, which allows the base area selected in the editor to be designed with up to 4 overpaintings.
For textures are also used for these overpaintings.
However, the STK version 0.10, as well as the STK version 0.8.x can not handle the data of this splatt / splatting concept correctly.
If you want, you can watch and download my STK editor tracks in youtube. ... vtQ/videos

Greetings, D. :-)
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