Suggestion: Add keyboard and mouse to the controls

Suggestion: Add keyboard and mouse to the controls

Postby UnDev » 03 Feb 2019, 12:10

Hi, I had some difficulty to setup a good keyboard configuration, it would be nice if we can add mouse buttons to do something like look back or fire.
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Re: Suggestion: Add keyboard and mouse to the controls

Postby Alayan » 04 Feb 2019, 00:35

While I'm not against adding support for mouse use during race, I'd rank this as really low priority.

Mouse is nice in say a FPS where you use it to aim, or a 3D adventure game where you use it to change character movement in addition of some common action with the mouse buttons.

But for racing, I think using your both hands on the keyboard is superior. In my personal setup, I control direction with my right hand, while the left hand manages all the buttons : nitro, skidding, rescue, item use, lookback.

On an azerty, I have w = rescue ; x = nitro ; c = skidding ; v = fire (so all the non thumb fingers can be on a useful key on their rest position). I have lookback set to d. Looback is something you only want to use when no difficult maneuver is ahead or very quickly to fire an item back without really looking, so usually at least one of the finger tasked with nitro or skidding is free to perform the action.
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