Why is Sara the Wizard the hardest kart to unlock?

Why is Sara the Wizard the hardest kart to unlock?

Postby Wuzzy » 20 Jan 2019, 02:09

This is for 0.10-git. The key point of this thread is basically the question: When to unlock which kart and why? :)

In this version, the toughest kart to unlock will be Sara the Wizard, which requires a big amount of points, which is impossible to get without completing at least a few challenges at SuperTux difficulty.
I like the idea of a difficult “bonus reward” after the “regular” completion of the game for winning a lot of Story Mode points. I also think the mechanic is fine as-is.

But there is one big question sitting on my tongue:
Why was Sara the Wizard chosen to be the hardest kart to unlock? That choice seems a little bit random.
I think Nolok (also known as the KING of karts) would make much more sense. First, it's a special kart, as Nolok is the main antagonist, Nolok not even a mascot of anything and I think Nolok would not want to join your party just for losing a single race. ;) On the other hand, Sara the Wizard doesn't seem too special to me to justify being the hardest kart to unlock.

I suggest to simply replace Sara the Wizard with Nolok as the final unlockable kart, with the same score that Sara the Wizard would require right now.
As for Sara the Wizard, I don't know what to do with her. She could either be unlocked at a lower score or just have her as a starter kart.

As a funny side effect, after Gnu was freed, Nolok could always be on starting position 1 in all races until you have unlocked him (then it's random again) to really rub it under your nose that you haven't unlocked Nolok yet. :D

I can even give a bit of background story (just for fun, not meant serious):
After you beat Nolok in Fort Magma, Gnu is freed, so the Gnu kart is unlocked and the game is considered complete (business as usual).
BUT! But Nolok doesn't lose the status as the KING just for losing a single race! :) So Nolok is not unlocked just yet.
It turns out, there is some ranking list of the best kart racers in the land, with all kart racers having their own score (just like you), and Nolok just happens to be on rank 1 (hence the title “KING of karts”).
So to gain his “respect”, you have to win some really tough races, represented by the high score goal.
When you have finally reached the unlock score of X, you have beaten Nolok's score and he is officially “dethroned” and he joins your party (i.e. Nolok kart is unlocked). :D

I know, this background story is probably a lot to unpack and it probably won't make in the game at all because it's way too long and convoluted, and I don't even suggest that. I just tought it funny to write down. At least it explains why Nolok would unlock at X points. :D
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Re: Why is Sara the Wizard the hardest kart to unlock?

Postby Alayan » 20 Jan 2019, 12:10

Don't forget that Sara is a powerful magician and princess. :)

Sara the Wizard was chosen as the last kart to unlock because Sara is the only character to have 2 karts in the game. Hence, you can play with every character even without having to unlock the final kart.
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Re: Why is Sara the Wizard the hardest kart to unlock?

Postby nadebula1984 » 20 Jan 2019, 14:46

Sara is powerful magician, so is Pepper (as in Pepper and Carrot). Maybe in some future version, we can see Pepper riding on her flying broom...
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Re: Why is Sara the Wizard the hardest kart to unlock?

Postby Ludsky » 20 Jan 2019, 18:20

I think, two saro it's too much. Keep Sara the Wizard, but it will be great to replace Sara the pilot, perhaps by a Kart man or an another original Kart.
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