Symbols for achivements

Symbols for achivements

Postby Wuzzy » 14 Jan 2019, 19:08

Hello! I suggest to add simple icons/symbols for the achievements so the list doesn't look so boring and technical.

I suggest to display this image at least in the list of achievements. The symbol shall be shown left of the name column.
In the list, the achievement image should not be shown for achievements you have not gotten yet. Or maybe be replaced with a question mark or some distorted image (whatever looks best).
Also, a larger version of the image should be shown when you double-click an achievement in the list of achievements (and you have gotten the achievement).
In the achievements message (when you have just won an achievement), the small version of the icon should be displayed as well.

Now for the icons themselves. Here is a list of suggested icons for the current achievements:
  • Christoffel Columbus: Globe
  • Strike!: Bowling ball
  • Skid row: Skid icon
  • Powerup Love: Gift box
  • Banana Lover: Banana
  • Motquito Hunter: Swatter
  • Beyond Luck: Crown
  • Gold Driver: Gold cup
  • Marathoner: Racer Tux icon (=Expert icon)
  • Unstoppable: Golden 5-pointed star (simple alternative: 5 golden cups)
  • Arch Enemy: Explosion icon (simple alternative: cake)

Note that most of these are icons that already exist in the game, to keep it simple. But if you have better ideas for the icons (or even have the artistic talent!), feel free to post them! :)
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Re: Symbols for achivements

Postby intherow » 14 Jan 2019, 21:08

Banana Lover: pin (picture of suzanne's head wearing a trophy like at STK poster+grin) lol
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Re: Symbols for achivements

Postby Auria » 15 Jan 2019, 00:46

This is not a bad idea, but considering that we don't have a permanent icon artist in the team, this could make it much harder to add new achivements since we'd need to find someone who can make a matching icon everytime we add a challenge
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