[Doc]Controllers wiimote/other device connect Win11

[Doc]Controllers wiimote/other device connect Win11

Postby rico » 07 Jun 2024, 22:00

Documentation updates: (leave name off if update wiki, thanks)
I found a more official way to get the Windows 11 pc to recognize the wiimote. Also came up with idea we could add bluetooth devices or smartphones as controllers. Found official STK documentation here: https://supertuxkart.net/Wiimote but it doesn't include how to bypass uneeded pin to sync in Windows 11, and could be out of date... also found FreePie (2019) for windows similiar to GlovePie (8mo. old on github),

This method helps you ignore the dialogue asking for a PIN (windows 11) .
It should perminently install driver, that should be available even after windows restart.
The way you have to do it is:
1. Go to Settings,
2. Control Panel
3. In Control Panel , view as large icons
4. Activate bluetooth on your pc.
5. right-click Devices and printers, and go to Open in new window
6.at the top-left, click add a device
7. Press 1 and 2 down on controller so it can see the device labeled NintendoRV... or similiar...
8. On the screen where it asks for a pin don't put one in, leave it blank and click next.
Note: you may have to do this every time your computer is restarted.
was thinking someone could enable blutooth support to use phones as controllers. Or maybe make an official platform independent controller app for bluetooth or real controller...

Am having trouble assigning actions to the Wiimote in 1.4?
Thanks for the hard work.
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Re: [Doc]Controllers wiimote/other device connect Win11

Postby rico » 08 Jun 2024, 19:08

//used glovePIE 0.29 script, should work with 0.43
//found the pjoy/joystick mapping has problems so trying to map buttons from keyboard.
wiimote.Leds = 0
Up = wiimote.Up
Down = wiimote.Down
Left = wiimote.Left
Right = wiimote.Right
RightShift = wiimote.Minus
Enter = wiimote.Plus
M = wiimote.One
Comma = wiimote.Two
L = wiimote.B
K = wiimote.A
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Re: [Doc]Controllers wiimote/other device connect Win11

Postby yevgeniykizhner68 » 09 Jun 2024, 12:57

Thanks rico, this is a helpful guide for connecting a Wiimote on Windows 11! Bypassing the PIN prompt is a good tip.

For assigning actions in SuperTuxKart 1.4, have you tried going through the options menu > Controls tab > Add Device > Add Wiimote? It might help with mapping the Wiimote buttons.

I like the idea of exploring bluetooth devices and smartphone support as controllers. Maybe a platform-independent app could be a good option!
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Re: [Doc]Controllers wiimote/other device connect Win11

Postby rico » 12 Jun 2024, 22:19

Thanks for the positivity... maybe even a tv remote, some like Samsung and LG oled act like wireless mice (optical pointing devices) currently looking into other 3D space controls like a ring mouse, or EIGIIS Ergonomic Handheld Trackball Mouse Wired Mini USB Portable Finger Travel Computer Right Left Handed Mice for PC Laptop Mac Window OS Linux Unix (may already have mouse support)
Here are basic mouse wheel+mouse controls:
mouse wheel: steering left/right or itemA or itemB
Mouse direction: steer or Anologue gas brake
Mouse buttons: Left and right...
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Re: [Doc]Controllers wiimote/other device connect Win11

Postby rico » 13 Jun 2024, 00:11

Found a video showing opencv (camera)and a bright colored wrap of somekind on cardboard. From 2013
OpenCV: Playing SuperTuxKart with camera controller
by Artem Storozhuk

Source on github: https://github.com/artemstorozhuk/OpenCVGameController
May need to have an option to enable webcam right next to enable internet or server.
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