Improvements and ideas for karts for version 2.0 of supertux

Improvements and ideas for karts for version 2.0 of supertux

Postby Polo10 » 01 May 2023, 08:22

Hello everybody,
And the last title is for the karts.
Because I think they should be improved. Not graphically, but rather their characteristics. What could be their new features? Because I think the ones we have here can be kept because they all have an important use. Also I think we could try to give them all a role in the new story mode so that it's more interesting and we know more about the history of the main characters in STK. I think that would be really cool. That would reinforce the story mode principle.
Are you thinking of karts that could be included in the official karts? But I think that if we add some, we'll have to remove others because then there will be too many official karts and if we apply my idea for the story mode above, it would be complicated to give them all a role because it would be too much work.
Finally I think that each kart should not be in a category (light, medium, heavy) but that each one has its own characteristics.
When do you think?
Have a nice day!
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Re: Improvements and ideas for karts for version 2.0 of supe

Postby Polo10 » 01 May 2023, 08:24

IOops I used up all the space for my title. Of course I'm talking about supertuxkart ;).

Have a nice day
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Re: Improvements and ideas for karts for version 2.0 of supe

Postby fracture » 01 May 2023, 16:02

As long as all the karts stand out from each other in the sense that none of them are duplicates (like Sara the Wizard and Sara the Racer from older versions of the game), I'm satisfied.

I don't think karts should be given their own characteristics since it'd be much harder to balance them and hardcore players will always find ways to abuse karts, so it's better the way it is. If everyone used the same kart online (just as how everyone plays as Funky Kong in Mario Kart Wii and Waluigi in Mario Kart 8), there'd be no reason to have any other karts so they might as well remove every kart from the game except for the one everyone uses.
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Re: Improvements and ideas for karts for version 2.0 of supe

Postby dumaosen » 25 May 2023, 11:15

Sorry, but I may be quite conservative about this. I don’t think adding a complex story with all characters because it may become a waste of time for those who only wants to complete challenges, which includes the most of players I think, and the current situation of STK reflects that. The story mode should remain simple and short, personally.
To be honest, once I thought of a better story, which is not only much more reasonable but just an extension and further explanation of the current story. It was like this:

After the mascot kingdom was founded in the SuperTuxKart universe, kart was a sport only for mascots. However, Nolok, not being a mascot of any software, captured the honored figure, GNU and disguised into him. Soon after, the mascots wanted to select a mascot of the game they are living in. They originally wanted to choose Tux and name it SuperTuxKart, but the fake GNU argued that it should be the one with the best karting skill. After everyone agreed and made it as a rule, the fake GNU revealed his real identity, Nolok. As he boasted, being "the king of karts", Nolok became the mascot and named the game SuperNolokKart. Tux found that the only way to revenge is to defeat him. But all the attempts failed, so Tux have to gather his friends to train for karts. They agreed that as soon as they defeat Nolok, they will save GNU, disable the rule and give the mascot back to Tux. To become stronger than Nolok quickly, Tux raced around the world and stayed on kart everyday even when he go to the toilet. The day finally came, and Tux found Nolok cheats every race by having limitless bubblegum and such thing to win. But Tux won at last. Nolok was depressed. He spoke out the truth that non-mascots were discriminated since they were not allowed to play karts, and he opened Nolok industry, secretly learnt kart racing and planned all the scheme just to wash off this identity. Tux and GNU found that as figures representing liberty, equality and sharing, they were doing the opposite. In the end, GNU was saved, Tux became the mascot, the universe was named back to SuperTuxKart, and non-mascots were finally welcomed to play karts. As for Nolok, due to his cheating and kidnapping behavior, he was punished to stay on kart everyday even when he go to the toilet.

At first, I thought this new story would be perfect. It makes more sense, has some humor and even sarcasm, and shows some spirit of the game. But soon I found that I was wrong. This is nearly 10 times more complex than the old one and requires players to spend double time to watch it. An advantage of the game is that it doesn’t require us to watch a long dreary story unlike those commercial ones. The open-source mascots itself has taught us a very interesting story, so there’s no need of a mascot-styled hamlet. What’s more, a long story puts the player into a dilemma: if they skip, they’ll feel like they’ve lost a huge part of the game. If they don’t skip, they must spend three minutes doing nothing just watching a video to learn the setting of the game. In this aspect, the original story is good enough.
Even an 2x longer story is bad, so you can see the point that adding stories for every character is worse. The story mode of SuperTuxKart is a mess, but a complicated plot won’t fix anything. We should focus on its bad inner parts, not it’s good outer parts.
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