Announcing Skitt-land add-on!

Announcing Skitt-land add-on!

Postby Skittles » 09 Oct 2022, 21:40

Hi players!

I'm currently working on a Add-on called "Skitt-land" and i'm excited announcing it, this map is my first project/world using the SuperTux Level editor and i'm trying if i can publish this at the end of the year.
I'm not really sure when i'm going to publish it but I hope it will be soon

The add-on contains more than +25 levels and an Simple Gameplay, kinda...

Trailer of the Add-on:

Any questions/feedbacks are welcome.
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Re: Announcing Skitt-land add-on!

Postby TuxFanMallo » 09 Oct 2022, 23:07

Seems like a fun Add-on. I hope it will be fun! :)
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Re: Announcing Skitt-land add-on!

Postby Granite » 10 Oct 2022, 01:22

this add on seams like itll be fun.

also. (pls forgive me for being off topic)
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