Weapon Balance: Pistol

Weapon Balance: Pistol

Postby freem » 17 Jul 2020, 19:49

Few hours ago, I was playing against bots with full skill (on one deadbeef servers). I noticed how fast they were emptying their pistol (on my head, of course) and got a look at it's delay/ammo values:

delayattack1: 130ms
delayattack1: 200ms
ammomax: 10
ammosub1: 1
ammosub2: 1

Pistol is the only weapon without fullauto that have delays lesser than half a second.
Other ones are:
flamer2 (1250),
plasma2 (1800 but not really applicable since it's a "charging" attack anyway),
rifle (750,1250),

Those are reasonable numbers, it's not hard for a human to click twice a second while still aiming.
For pistol1, it requires more than 7 clicks per second, which I think just makes it usable to people scripting their setup, aka: not the beginners.
Pistol2 is a bit better, since it's "only" 5 clicks per second.

For your information, I'm only able to do 6.2 clicks per second, according to https://clickspeedtest.com/ by only concentrating on clicking as fast as possible. I'd be curious to see the scores you guys do... and also to hear about your opinion on that subject?

I'd say, to not change balance too much, that BN or custom servers could simply double both damages it inflicts and the delays?
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Re: Weapon Balance: Pistol

Postby shacknetisp » 17 Jul 2020, 19:56

What about simply making pistol fullauto? For more accurate aiming you'd click as usual, but if you want maximum damage in short time just hold it down. Same as if you could click at max speed, but much easier on finger.

I get 9 clicks per second, probably comes from pistol practice.
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Re: Weapon Balance: Pistol

Postby freem » 18 Jul 2020, 15:04

Got a server with that change on (fullauto 1 on pistols)
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