Adding more tips on main menu

Adding more tips on main menu

Postby Laggy » 04 Jul 2020, 20:57

There are some kind of useful tips on main menu that I learnt in earlier games, however we need to change some tips there.
I thought of some useful ones:

>To recharge impulse faster use crouch.
>The faster you move, the faster objects fly.
>Save impulse on crucial times. Don't waste on unnecessary parkour.
Feel free to add more.

Also, I have thought of maybe adding command to change those tips every 20 sec to become more efficient. Even adding them on loading screen won't really make loading screens boring. Most games nowadays do that. Some unofficial maps and editing saved maps take longer to load anyway.

However, tips like: "read more tips" it doesn't really teach anything, just to read tips or "stop at perfect shot" like really? There tips aren't really helpful. This is just common sense.
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Re: Adding more tips on main menu

Postby TheAssassin0 » 14 Oct 2020, 13:01

Good idea. Please feel free to send pull requests on GitHub. The repository is, the file is config/tips.cfg ( ... g/tips.cfg).
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Re: Adding more tips on main menu

Postby Cewt » 08 Aug 2021, 21:18

Does anybody know the script for setting texts? Please Help me!
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