Increase Model Brightness by default?

Increase Model Brightness by default?

Postby MoonPadUSer » 08 Jun 2020, 11:34

Since everybody who knows about this option turns it up anyways, I and afaik TheAssassin and freem too, were thinking that we should increase the model brightness by default to smth between 75 and 100
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Re: Increase Model Brightness by default?

Postby TheAssassin0 » 08 Jun 2020, 13:38

That's too high. I'd enable it to some value <= 50 at most by default. Maybe we should also limit the value more strictly.

The question is if we cannot increase the visibility of players in other ways, too. It seems to me that the overall dark lighting in Blue Nebula is responsible for the models to be so dark.
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