Documentation for Edit Mode

Documentation for Edit Mode

Postby MoonPadUSer » 08 Jun 2020, 08:20

If someone is interested, it'd be great if you could write a Documentation for the Edit Mode, I think something like a Multi-Chapter tutorial would be great, in Text form ideally with pictures to illustrate and in video form it'd be fantastic if one can see the keys you press on the screen (in big, not the RE/BN setting "show keys on screen" cuz that sucks). I usually would try it myself but I am far too unexperienced with the edit mode.
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Re: Documentation for Edit Mode

Postby TheAssassin0 » 08 Jun 2020, 13:44

There are various online resources, they just need to be a) consolidated and b) made more beginner-friendly.

There are plans for a Sphinx-based documentation for Blue Nebula. Instead of starting this as a separate project, it makes sense to create only one documentation for everything.
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