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Feature report 2019.1

PostPosted: 26 Jan 2020, 02:34
by Wuzzy
This is a report on the functional features in Unknown Horizons, version 2019.1. For those who wonder how functional this game is at the moment. I am just a random player.

Report summary
As of 2019.1, I would consider Unknown Horizons to be in the “Alpha” stage, meaning that it's not feature complete, but playable.

A lot of the game is playable, and in my playtests I didn't run into major issues. It's definitely good enough to give it a try.

There are 5 citizen stages you can reach, each unlocking more buildings. The first 4 stages seem complete, except for military stuff, which doesn't exist yet. The 5th stage is fully incomplete, it has only one buggy building, the public bath.

There's only one basic scenario so far on a single big island. If you win, you can continue playing forever, making your town bigger. Later you probably want to move on to play on random islands with custom settings. I believe there's no victory condition on random maps, the game just goes on forever.

The game will be more or less the same on other maps. This is because islands are mostly the same with their resources; you can grow all plants everywhere, there's only one ore, etc. The only true unique thing about islands is their shape and size. There's rarely a reason to sail to other islands except to expand, but rarely for new, unique resources.

There's an online multiplayer … in theory, but I did not test it.

Full report

Functional features:
  • Complete tutorial
  • 1 scenario “The_Unknown”, but at the end it admits itself it can be improved
  • Random islands
  • Minimal level editor to build your own islands
  • 4 citizen levels which unlock more buildings
  • A healty set of buildings for various economies
  • “Service buildings” like schools and fire stations
  • (very very basic) ship building
  • Basic trading, free trader
  • Graphics, music, sound. I have not encountered any missing data files

Untested features (untested by me):
  • Online multiplayer
  • Trade routes
  • Up to 7 computer players (I have no idea how smart they are)

Incomplete/buggy features:
  • Diplomacy (the Pirate immediately accepts peace, neutrality and war)
  • Hygiene demand is broken, even with public bath (level 5 citizens)
  • Resource deposits are infinite (
  • I *think* (I can't remember, really) some goods don't have any use
  • The usual fair share of smaller bugs that every game has

Missing features:
  • Technically, there's a 5th citizen level that your citicens can reach but there's only one additional building (public bath) which doesn't work yet
  • Military
  • More scenarios and/or a campaign (I'm not sure about their plans)
  • More unique islands / a reason to sail to new islands