Gamehelp: resources flow

Gamehelp: resources flow

Postby kurka » 08 Jan 2022, 13:06

Nowhere could I find any reference on this, so asking here:
What makes goods transported to the settlement Warehouse and available to inhabitants?

In every 2019.1 game I start I observed that some goods (wood, bricks, food) are quickly picked up from their producers and appear in colony stock displayed in the top left corner. Other goods (salt, tobacco, textiles) however pile up in their suppliers storage and are picked in minimal numbers only therefore their stock is always only a few pieces above zero and most houses report their shortage. I tried to solve this placing Storage Tents close to these suppliers but it did not help.
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Re: Gamehelp: resources flow

Postby LinuxDonald » 28 Jan 2022, 02:10

Sorry cant help you. I dont started the game for an long time. At the moment its broken on linux with fifengine :(
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